Best 100% Natural, Corn Cob Bedding Cat Litter

Best Cob
Best Cob

We have used many different brands of cat litter from Walmart’s Special Kitty to Swheat Scoop to Arm & Hammer.  Nothing worked and our cats would get it stuck in their paws.  With all the synthetic smells and “clumping” formulas we were worried our cats would get sick licking stuck litter from their paws.

I happened to find Best Cob Premium Horse Bedding.  It is by the far the best “cat litter” I have ever used.  It absorbs urine the best we’ve ever seen.  Plus, and this is a BIG plus, it is all natural.

Made from 100% All Natural Corn Cob Bedding, manufactured from the lightweight, most absorbent parts of the cobs.  No Additives or Chemicals added.

A 40 lb. bag is about $9.99 at Tractor Supply Co.  A 40 pound bag can absorb 18 gallons of liquid.

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